About Us

The luxurious “Antigua Misión Hotel” is located close to the Cimarron Andresote Centroccidental highway in the beautiful valley of the river Yaracuy, in the city of San Felipe. This spectacular hotel is perfectly integrated into the lush tropical exotic flora which offers a harmonious blend of hospitality, creativity and service where you can enjoy more than 2,500 varieties of plants which was graced our hotel, giving visitors the opportunity to a rest in a natural world, harmonized with the magic of the past that revives a beautiful present. Undoubtedly, it is an ideal place to breathe enjoying a privileged environment, where you can also taste the exquisite cuisine, make their incentives and conventions, a business meeting, even a gala event. Feel the harmony of our decor and let us serve you and make your stay unforgettable.

Facilities at this luxury hotel are based on the harmony of each of their areas, because every corner of its structure counts with technology services present in the city in the midst of a plant environment, creating a perfect syncretism between nature and modernity.

Since its opening in December 1996, of the park of the Tropical Exotic Flora is cause for admiration by botanists around the world, due to its splendid collection of heliconias, gingers, bromeliads, orchids and bogs, among other plant wonders from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

The route of 4.5 km can be done on foot, by horse-drawn carriage or electric cars in the company of a guide.